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School:   816-675-2217

I can be reached during the following times:  7:50 – 8:15 AM daily and 3:20 – 4:15 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday .

Classroom Expectations for Students K-12

(revised 01-20-16)

♦ Students are to stay seated in their seats
♦ Students are to stay in the classroom until excused by the teacher

♦Talking in class is to be kept at a low volume because of the variety of lessons being taught

♦Students are to be in their seats by the second bell
♦ Students leave the room only with teacher permission
♦ All students will be respectful to each other and the staff

♦ Students will bring all necessary items to class: pencils, paper, textbooks, etc.  If you don't have what you need prior to the bell, you will be zapped.

♦ Students are required to show their work on their assignments.  Failure to do so will result in a zap.
♦ Homework is due at the beginning of class, unless otherwise noted.  Homework not completed at that time is late
♦ Late homework will result in a ZAP for any student K-12

♦ Students will have some time in class to work on assignments, some assignments will need to be completed at home and turned in at the start of class time on the date due  



 ♦ Step One:  Student will be reminded verbally of classroom expectations

 ♦ Step Two:  Student will be asked to stay after class or report to the hall for a one on one conversation informing student that the next infraction will result in contact with the parent

 ♦ Step Three: Parents will be contacted and informed that the next infraction will result in an office   referral

 ♦ Step Four:  Office referral

 ♦ Severe infractions will result in referral to the office 


 ♦ Grades will be given according to handbook policy: 

   A     95-100
   A-    90-94
   B+   87-89
   B     83-86
   B-    80-82
   C+   77-79
   C     73-76
   C-    70-72

   D+   67-69
   D     63-66

   D-    60-62
   F     59 and below