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Language Arts II


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“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” -- Abigail Adams


This course meets seventh period each day.


Course Description:

This class tackles a variety of types of writing, grammar and usage skills, speaking skills, and literature types. We cover the entire writing process from the early planning stages to the late revision and editing stages. We’ll work with personal narratives, descriptions, comparison/contrast papers, research, and argument writing. We’ll read short stories, novels, poetry, plays, drama, non-fiction, and everything in between. Here, you’re going to use everything you have inside your brain to look at literature, create amazing pieces of writing, take notes, organize your work, and offer me solid answers to the questions I’ll ask you in class, on your homework, and in test situations.

This is an EOC tested course.


Course Materials:

We will use a variety of texts for this course, both in print and online. All of the online materials will be posted via Google Classroom.


You should be prepared for class each day with your planner, a pencil, paper, and the text we are using for that day. If homework has been previously assigned, I either expect it to be in your hand if it was a paper assignment or turned in via Google Classroom. Don’t bring any one of those, and yep, you’re getting a zap.


Course Grading:

Our grading scale will follow the adopted board policy of the Osborn R-O School District. Tests, assignments, and projects will all be of equal weight in the course, though some may be worth more points than others.


There are four standing assignments with which you should be familiar.


  • Article of the Week: Every Friday, you will be given a digital copy of a recent news article. The goal is to have you not only become more familiar with the world around you, but also to help you become more familiar with how to closely read a non-fiction text. One week later, you will return that article to me with evidence of your close reading recorded and a written reflection through Google Classroom.

  • Writing Portfolio: You will be creating a writing portfolio for me this year. It will consist of four texts you have been assigned in class (that I’ve graded) and one piece you create solely for this portfolio called “Me as a Writer.” Portfolios will be due at the beginning of May, and you will be given in-class time every Friday to work on them. Part of your grade will rely on your participation in this activity every Friday.

  • Digital Journals: Every day when you walk in my room, you should grab your your chromebook and have a seat. The journal prompt will be on the board. I expect you to respond in about 7 - 10 sentences within the first five minutes of class. Journal grades go into the gradebook every 2 - 3 weeks.

  • Book Projects: Book projects are still worth 100 points EVERY. SINGLE. QUARTER. Don’t imagine for a moment that you can blow this one off and still retain an A or B in this class.

    • Option 1: Choose a book. Have Mrs. Matter approve it by the deadline. Read the book. Create a book talk around the piece. I will tell you more about book talks on Day 1, and you’ll have a digital handout sitting in Google Classroom to refer to in case you have questions.

    • Option 2: Choose 1 book each month. Have Mrs. Matter approve it. Read 1 book each month. Complete the “I Read This” handout from Mrs. Matter and turn it in by the last class day of each month. You will be giving a shortened version of a book talk to the class for each one. This option is a “Locked In” option. You must choose this one by September 1, and once you’re in, you cannot choose to back out. Likewise, if you do not choose this option by September 4, you cannot enter it at a later date.


Because I do require reading as part of this course, I’m also giving you reading time in class. We will take the first twenty minutes of every Friday’s class period for Free Voluntary Reading time. You must have a novel or graphic novel you’re reading with you during the class period. Without it, you will be zapped. You will not be able to simply grab a book off of my shelves or head for the library. You must walk in the room with your book in your hand.


Google Classroom: This year, we’ll be making extensive use of Google Classroom, a learning management system. There are some amazing features, and I’ll likely be grading much of your work right there in the online environment. This means you won’t be taking a lot of papers home, and given that it’s online, you won’t always have homework to take home because not all students have internet access. That said, if you have a project deadline looming, and you do not have internet access at home to get into your classroom, you should make arrangements to meet with me during your seminar time, before school, or after school so you can finish by the deadline! If your parents or guardians would like to sign up for Google Classroom access so they can see what you’re doing in class, that’s an option! Just have them send me an email.