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"Your ability to communicate with others will account for fully 85% of your success in your business and in your life." - Brian Tracy


This course meets eighth period each day.


Please take the time to read this document carefully with your parents/guardians. It does contain essential information about the course for which you will be held responsible.


Course Description: Speech is a semester length course designed to help you learn more about communication and public speaking. The course requires you not only to learn more about the science of communication but also about who you are as a communicator. The beginning of the course spends time looking at how communication works, but each week, we’ll do something that has you presenting material before the class so you continually enhance your public speaking skills. The second half of the course is speech based, so expect to be researching, writing, and giving speeches on a regular basis. At least one out of class speech will be required to complete this course. Classes will include reading, discussions, lectures, research, and presentations as well as various other activities.


Course Grading:

Our grading scale will follow the adopted board policy of the Osborn R-0 School District. Tests, assignments, and projects will all be of equal weight in the course, though some may be worth more points than others. Your grade will be based on all of your work.


There is one standing assignment with which you should be familiar.


  • Speech of the Week: Every Friday, you will be given a digital copy of a previously given speech. Some will be historical in nature, and some will be fairly recent. The goal is to have you not only become more familiar with some of the most famous speeches, but also to help you become more familiar with how to build a good speech that listeners will respect. One week later, you will return that speech to me with evidence of your close reading recorded and a written reflection through Google Classroom.


Google Classroom: As with every other year, we’ll be making extensive use of Google Classroom, a learning management system. There are some amazing features, and I’ll likely be grading much of your work right there in the online environment. If you have a project deadline looming, and you do not have internet access at home to get into your classroom, you should make arrangements to meet with me during your seminar time, before school, or after school so you can finish by the deadline! If your parents or guardians would like to sign up for Google Classroom access so they can see what you’re doing in class, that’s an option! Just have them send me an email.