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SMS Messaging

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Information on SMS text messaging and Short Codes

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly referred to as a "text message". Most cell phones support this type of text messaging.  SchoolMessenger uses a true SMS protocol developed by the telecommunications industry specifically for mass text messaging.  This is different than sending individual text messages between two phones (mobile-to-mobile) or from email-to-text (SMTP).  Referred to as “short code” texting, this method is highly reliable and fast because it is strictly regulated by the wireless carriers themselves and allows only approved providers direct connectivity to the wireless carrier networks.  Short code texting does, however, require that certain standards are met by message senders.

Similar to a 10-digit phone number, “short codes” are five or six digit numeric identifiers that are used when sending text messages, which allow a wireless carrier to determine that the message is coming from an authorized sender.  If you’ve ever texted a vote on a TV show to a number like 46999, you have used short code texting.

Unlike email, where unwanted spam is rampant, wireless carriers tightly control access to their SMS networks by only issuing short codes after a rigorous approval process. The Common Short Code Administration and Neustar are responsible for overseeing Common Short Codes on behalf of participating U.S. wireless carriers. To protect consumers, The Wireless Association and the Mobile Marketing Association have established guidelines for use.

Short Codes

The "short code" is the 5 digit phone number from which SMS messages are delivered and which a recipient can reply/send a message to access any of the system's SMS feature.

SMS Keywords

SMS Keywords allow recipients to perform certain actions in regard to their SMS message subscription. They can be used when replying to an SMS textmessage from the system or by sending the word to the system's short code. There are multiple words for performing certain actions.

·        Opt-in: "Y", "YES", "OPTIN", "OPT IN", and "SUBSCRIBE" are all acceptable keywords for subscribing to SMS text messaging.

·        Opt-out: "END", "CANCEL", "OPT OUT", "OPTOUT", "STOP", "QUIT", or "UNSUBSCRIBE" will cancel SMS messages to the recipient.

·        Help: "HELP" is the only way to receive the Help message.

·        Info: Any word not mentioned above will reply with the Info message.