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Quarterly Book Talks


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This project only applies to the following courses: Language Arts I and Language Arts II.

Every book talk is worth 100 points.

The process is a fairly simple one. Choose a book you’d like to read that is around your reading level. Sorry, Green Eggs and Ham won’t work for this one. Drop by my desk to have your book approved.  You cannot turn in a book project if the book has not been approved by me.

After you’ve had your book approved, read it.

On a specific date, you will give a book talk to the class. Generally that date is about a week before the end of the quarter. Visit Google Classroom to see the exact date it is due.


What is a book talk?

A book talk is your opportunity to present what you’ve read to the class. Each book talk must be 3-4 minutes in length. It should give us an overview of the book and include each of the following:

  • A Google Slides Presentation

  • The Setting

  • The Major Characters

  • A Brief Story Overview (including the book’s major conflict)

  • Your Opinion (tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and how you connected (or didn’t connect) with the story. I expect specifics here)

  • Your Recommendation (would you tell others to read this book? Why or why not?)

You will be graded on length of your presentation (more is NOT better; you must fall within that 3 - 4 minute range), your Slides presentation, your behavior during the speech (don’t read from those slides!), and the elements above.

Not sure what any of this means? Here's a pretty good example on YouTube. This speaker doesn't have the Slides presentation you must include in yours, but it's not a bad example!