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Short Stories


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This course meets fifth period each day. This course meets concurrently with Mass Media, Section 2. I expect you to be able to work independently and silently when I am working with other students. 


Please take the time to read this document carefully with your parents/guardians. It does contain essential information about the course for which you will be held responsible.


Course Description: Short Stories is a semester length course designed to help you learn more about the genre of short stories and the craft behind short fiction. We will explore the various elements of short stories, and you will be introduced to a range of short stories with which you may or may not be familiar. Classes will include reading, discussions, lectures, research, writing, and presentations as well as various other activities. 


Course Grading:

Our grading scale will follow the adopted board policy of the Osborn R-0 School District. Tests, assignments, and projects will all be of equal weight in the course, though some may be worth more points than others. Your grade will be based on all of your work.


No late work is accepted in this class.



Expect to work at a pace of about one short story per week. All short stories will be posted in Google Classroom. For every story, you are expected to read and comment on the text and reflect on it. Almost every short story will have an associated test at the end of the week. 


If you complete every single assignment in this class, you will pass. Eligibility will never be a problem, but you must complete every assignment and expect to read each story I present to you. I will try to post an audio link to each story, but you are still expected to comment on the assigned document and respond.